Grow towards your better self, with a personal coach

Gain more clarity and reach your goals

An individual coach is there to support you in dealing with challenges and achieving your goals. He will listen, but he will also ask you those questions that shed light on the things that, once you notice, will open a whole new range of possibilities. By genuinely working with a coach, you will empower yourself to take real steps towards your dreams.


Go online for the coaching sessions, from wherever you are

Using our platform, you will easily meet your coach through a video call from home, your office or even from the park. Also, on the website, you can easily schedule your sessions, keep connected and remember your progress.

How it works

Choose a professional coach that suits you

We recommend you coaches according to your needs, preferences and style. You will choose the one you feel more connected with, in order to achieve your goals. All our collaborators are accredited coaches, carefully selected and recommended by others.

Coaching plans

How does it work?

Choose the desired coaching plan
Schedule your first session with your preferred coach
Do the hard work at and in between coaching sessions
Enjoy the positive effects even long time after

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Coaching plans and pricing

4 sessions

2 months
45 min/session

6 sessions

3 months
45 min/session

8 sessions

4 months
45 min/session

We ask for your payment details now, but we will only charge you 24 hours before your scheduled coaching session.