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Our mission

We believe everyone can reach personal and professional fulfillment. At Avocado, we facilitate your journey towards your better self. Guided by our vision and values, we work everyday to create an accesible space for self-discovery, clarity and change.

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How we do it

Visible positive changes happen when you become aware of your inner barriers and resources. That is why, we facilitate one-to-one coaching sessions with professional coaches, who will guide you in dealing with challenges and achieving your goals. All sessions happen online, through the Uptrain platform. Our services can be accessed by individuals, as well as companies or teams.

Individual coaching

Who we are and who are the coaches

All our collaborators are professional accredited coaches. They have business and life experience and are trained facilitators, able to support you in a self-development journey tailored to your current needs. We recommend you coaches according to your needs, preferences and style. You will choose the one you feel more connected with, in order to achieve your goals.

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